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Corporate FinanceRequired Courses (Former Name, #)Course TitleSemesterGradeACCTG 512**Financial Theory and Reporting ProblemsBUSAD 525 Prerequisite: BUSAD 801/501 or equivalentQuantitative Methods in FinanceMBADM 820** (FIN 531) Prerequisite: ACCTG 512 or ACCTG 800/511 or equivalentFinancial Management BUSAD 826 (BUSAD 526) Prerequisites: ACCTG 512, BUSAD 525, and MBADM 820/FIN 531 or equivalentCurrent Issues in Corporate Finance **Students who have completed equivalent coursework may waive and replace in consultation with their advisor.Financial Risk ManagementRequired Courses (Former Name, #)Course TitleSemesterGradeBUSAD 525 Prerequisite: BUSAD 801/501 or equivalentQuantitative Methods in FinanceFIN 808 (FIN 508) Prerequisite: MBADM 820/FIN 531 or equivalentAnalysis of Financial MarketsFIN 813 (FIN 513) Prerequisite: FIN 808/508 or equivalentSpeculative MarketsElectives: Select one (Former Name, #)Course TitleSemesterGradeFIN 805 (FIN 505) Prerequisite: MBADM 820/FIN531 or equivalentMultinational Managerial FinanceBUSAD 827 (BUSAD 527) Prerequisite: FIN 813/513 or equivalentFixed Income Securities**Students who have completed equivalent coursework may waive and replace in consultation with their advisor. *Depending upon prior preparation, students may need to complete course pre-requisites as indicated. If you intend to pursue a degree program at Penn State in the future and wish to have these nondegree credits applied toward the requirements of your degree, it is important to note the following: Nondegree students must formally apply for degree admission to their intended academic program and submit all required supporting credentials. There is no assurance that nondegree students will be admitted as degree candidates to a program. Like all other applicants for admission to a program, nondegree students must meet the academic requirements specified by the Graduate School and the particular academic department that are in effect at the time of application. All credits must be earned within five years preceding entry into the degree program.     Plan of Study Finance Certificates: Corporate Finance and Financial Risk Management Rev. 10/19   ".mtvw $ R S ȾȾȾȭȭȭ~ooboh~h;]S0JCJaJjh~h;]SCJUaJh~h;]S5CJ\aJh~h;]SCJaJ*h8h;]S>*B*CJ_H aJphwh!jh8h;]SCJU_H aJh;]SCJ_H aJh8h;]SCJ_H aJ h&\5 hJ5hJhJ5hjh&\5OJQJhjhJ5OJQJ%wfHH -0d`1$7$8$]0^`gd;]Svkd$$Ifl00*0*4 layt} $Ifgd&\ $$Ifa$gd; $Ifgdf1$ S   $ XL $$Ifa$gd~wkd$$IfTl$/)   0/)4 la'p ytT $$Ifa$gdJ   gd;]S $ & F*$a$gd;]S  & Fgd;]S        a c d         wwmf[PPhyh56\hyh(/56\ hP]5\h^h[>5\h^h'i5 h'i5h|#hW>*CJaJh_h;]S5CJaJmH sH #hnqh;]S0J5CJaJmH sH h:h;]S5CJaJmH sH "jh;]S5CJUaJmH sH "hlEh;]S56CJaJmH sH h;]S5CJaJmH sH h_h;]S5CJaJ  " # $ 0 1 : @ A L M t u v w x ̯ujjjWL=hhLXCJaJmH sH hhLXCJaJ$hhLXCJaJmH nH sH tH hh[>CJaJ$hh[>CJaJmH nH sH tH 'hh'iCJ\aJmH nH sH tH $h|Kh[>CJaJmH nH sH tH $h|Kh'iCJaJmH nH sH tH h^hJ5\h^h[>5h~hJ5\hyhP]56\hyh56\hyh(/56\$ 1 : @ $$Ifa$gdJ@ A M u .%% $Ifgdokd2$$IfTl^\w  $8 (0/)4 la'p(ytTu v w x RI@ $Ifgdo $IfgdLXkdD$$IfTlU\w  $80/)4 la'ytT $$Ifa$gdo     dzr^rK@@4@@hCJaJmH sH hhO/^CJaJ$hhO/^CJaJmH nH sH tH 'hEh6CJaJmH nH sH tH hECJaJmH nH sH tH $hEh'iCJaJmH nH sH tH $hEhrCJaJmH nH sH tH hh'iCJaJ'hh'iCJ\aJmH nH sH tH $hh'iCJaJmH nH sH tH hhLXCJaJhhLXCJaJmH sH h5E_CJaJmH sH   2 3 4 ^UUII $$Ifa$gdo $Ifgdokd$$IfTl\w  $80/)4 la'ytT 0 1 2 3 4 5 ; < > @ I J K v ϼrfWrC'hh3#CJ\aJmH nH sH tH hh3#CJaJmH sH h5E_CJaJmH sH $hh'iCJaJmH nH sH tH 'hyh6CJaJmH nH sH tH h5E_CJaJmH nH sH tH $h5E_h3#CJaJmH nH sH tH $h5E_h'iCJaJmH nH sH tH hh'iCJaJ!hCJ\aJmH nH sH tH 'hh'iCJ\aJmH nH sH tH 4 5 K ^UUUUII $$Ifa$gdo $Ifgdokd$$IfTl\w  $80/)4 la'ytT - ^U $Ifgdmkdi$$IfTlQ\w  $80/)4 la'ytT  - . 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